From episode 3 of Lost Forest

This is from episode 3.

This episode just started and Officer Panstar ( People only knows her name usually. ) was already ticked off, with a really dark wind and thunderstorm in the background outside ( as you can see. ) She screamed Poochee's name, telling him to get over here, and right off the bat, Poochee was terrified. Panstar asks Poochee who did he kill, and Poochee question her what was she talking about, and told her he sets up the camera in his living room with a timer. Panstar told him to stop lying, which was awkward for her sister, Pansy, to do that, and Panstar told Poochee that she knows he killed someone, Poochee was sweating like seriously sweating. He told her he didn't, he promises, and she understands he doesn't kill. Panstar, screaming, pulls out the Poochee and Pansy Mini Show episode 14 video tape, while asking him why did she see his parents dead corpes in the house, she then told him she can't go through this again, and then arrests him for murder, pulls out her paw cuffs and paw cuffed him. Poochee is getting humiliated as Panstar insults him menacingly, taking him to Heather.EXE's house, although, it's far away. That is Panstar's worst nightmare.
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