Rosina Lillychu

Rosina Kelsea Lillychu the Neko Guardian Witch

Name: Rosina Kelsea Lillychu

Status: Alive

Appearance: Episode 5

Allies: Salamenny, Kiwi, Pansy, Poochee, Jack, Marie, Olivia, Frank, Petalina, Eturnus, Floralette, Lotuette, Tilly, Cherry, Bobafette

Sisters: Jesseca ( The witch * Middle sister * ) Ladeko ( Ladybug sister ), Moonflower ( Younger sister )

Likes: Roses, Kidnapping kittens, Playing with kittens, casting spells, making potions, Kidnapping puppies and petting them

Voice: Lisa Rinna

Description: Rosina Kelsea Lillychu is one of the Lillychu sisters,  and was a big daughter of Theodora, and Tristar Lillychu. She is a Neko Guardian Witch of the Cursed Blood. She, has dark red eyes and darkest red hair, wears a red, dark red, and bright pink dress with a pink cape ( with a shiny rose petal that was trying to shape like an actual rose petal ) connected to the dress. She, plus, has a golden broom with a lavender strings, with it's lime collar with a red rose petal on it.

Rosina heard that her middle sister has bags under her eyes, so bad, she need a tower to live by her self, so she sent her to the strife tower. She is so responsible, and lives in the Rose of Despair. She is the owner of the Rose of Despair. She's Viscaria's Best Friend.

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