Panstar Pansina

One of Pansy's sisters.

Name: Panstar "Prettany" Ayane Pansina

Status: Alive

Allies: Orchea, Pecurity, Pooanchee, Poolchestor, Jack, Marie, Pilly, Salamenny, Kiwi, Kate, Cannibal, Godess, Kelly, Nya, Prairy, Pally, Oculata, Viscaria, Mya, Butterflume, Starbond, Lillian, Rosina, Ladeko, Moonflower, Jesseca, Kitten, Coco, Margret, Poochelle, Poochelsea

Likes: her sisters, her parents, the Poochestons, the Floralloves, the Lillychus, flowers, bunnies, angels, crystals

voice: Lea Michelle

Description: In Poochee and Pansy Mini Show, Panstar looks alot like her sister, except she wears a little blue ribbon on the right side of her head, she also wears gold collar on her neck along with a huge blue bow in the back. She has a blue tail, and two stars next to eachother on each of her upper legs. 
Panstar Prettany Pansina In Poochee and Pansy Mini Show

Panstar as she appears in Poochee and Pansy series, Mini show, and half of Lost Forest.

Panstar Prettany Pansina In Forest Animals

Panstar as she appears in half of Lost Forest and Forest Animals.

Panstar compare


She, and Pamsy are usually helping Pansiney with her sister hunt. in half of  Poochee and Pansy, she was a bright bright pink puppy with a gold star on her heart cage, blue star with a pink heart in the center, and pink cheeks. she wears a blue ribbon on the left side of her head. She, Pamsy, and Pansiney planned to move away to Nico Nature because their parents passed away.
Pansy was annoyed by her sisters

How come Pansy was the only one with out a nickname? She isn't amused because of the chasement.


In Forest Animals, she is a bright brown puppy, with pink cheeks, and a golden tail. She wears a blue bow with a gold star in the center, and a blue coat with a golden color. 

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