Bunnee Twentyonecarrots

Bunnee Christopher Twentyonecarrots

Name: Bunnee Christopher Twentyonecarrots

Status: Alive

Allies: Pansy, Crystey, Orchea, Coco, Pecurity, Poochee, Lacy, Margret, Jack, Marie, Olivia, Frank, Pamsy, Panstar, Pansiney, Wishelle, Poochelle, Marshmallow, Matthew Hollerman

Likes: Puppies, Kittens, Rainbow, Dating Crystey, Flowers, Carrots

Voice: Tal Fishman

Description: Bunnee Christopher Twentyonecarrots is a purple bunny with red nose, red paws, lavender skin color, white cottontail, and black eyes.

Bunnee's heart was won by Crystey Diamongem. Bunnee has a huge crush on Crystey. He also appears to be on live performance between Poochee and Pansy vs Don't hug me I'm Scared, and he announces that Eddie ( You know Eddie's rap ) wrote the lyrics. Bunnee appears to be wearing red bowtie on his neck in Live Performance.

No, he doesn't hate teletubbies. He's just not interested in them being creepy. Bunnee thinks that Slendytubbies was horrifying. :/

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